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Ice Cream Van Hire Clacton-on-Sea Essex

Established Ice Cream Van Hire Business based in Clacton-on-Sea that have years of experience in catering with Ice Cream Van Hire. We offer a Superb service whatever you are planning whether it be a Fete, Air Show, School Event, Carnival, Children’s Party, Wedding, Corporate Hospitality or any special occasion Hurley’s Ice Cream Van Hire can enhance any Function or Event.

If you are about to Hire an Ice Cream Van for your special event then why not give Hurleys Ice Cream a call and Hire one of our Van’s

At your event you can have the assurance of a professional Ice Cream Operator using high quality units.

Hurleys Ice Cream Van Hire provide an excellent service which will complement any special occasion or event with our friendly staff & well stocked vehicles When it comes to Ice Cream Van Hire Hurleys is really as good as it gets

Why Hire a Hurley’s Ice Cream Van ?

Level 2 Food Safety Certificates
Years Experience in Ice Cream Catering
Competitive Rates & 100% Reliability
Corporate Hospitality Specialist
Professional & Friendly Service Assured
£5 Million Public & Product Liability Insurance
Excellent Range of Products
We are part of a National Ice Cream Mobilers Group

Why not Hire one of our Vans for your special occasion or event i.e. Birthday Parties : Weddings : Christenings : School Fairs : Car Boot Sales : Village Fairs : Music Concerts : Dog Shows : Theatrical Shows : Agricultural Shows : Horse Shows a traditional Ice Cream Van can enhance any special occasion, so why not Hire A Hurleys Ice Cream Van today ?

Do you want something special and different for your Childs birthday ?

Why not have one of our Ice Cream Van’s arrive playing Happy Birthday and let the Birthday Boy or Girl have their favourite ice cream and let them have their photos taken with the van we are taking bookings now

You can find a Hurleys Ice Cream Van working at Plough Corner car boot in Little Clacton every Sunday morning in the summer and also find us at the R & T Tours football tournaments going on there throughout the year.

Over the years Counties and towns we have worked in include Essex, Colchester, Little Clacton, Great Clacton, Kirby Cross, Thorpe le Soken, Frinton on Sea, Brightlingsea, St Osyth, Great Bentley, Walton on the Naze, Row heath, Little Oakley, Harwich, Wivenhoe, Highwoods, Manningtree but to name a few.

My First Ice Cream Van

My first ice cream van was a transit that had a body swap done to it i.e. they had a old Bedford CF1 ice cream van that would off come from Whitby’s back in the 70s. That would off cut off the top i.e. the fibreglass part off the van that gives it the ice cream van look there are many different ice cream van body’s made. I like the look off the Cummins body’s myself. well my first van was blue and white had a Maria ice cream machine in it and a 4 lid freezer in it that worked spot on unlike the Maria ice cream machine. I got the van off a guy in St Osyth that used to drive it around a caravan park in St Osyth all summer and just park it up in the winter. I got it back in 2010 in Dec when we had that heavy snow so the test drive was fun sledging all over the place in the snow. After owning the van for a few weeks cleaning it up and getting it ready for January I thought id best go out and get some stock after looking around I found a place nearby that was a wholesalers and have a few vans himself, went out on my first day in the van not knowing where to go I just popped down any road in Clacton I liked the look off did not do too bad at first after a few hours the the Maria machine would not work no ice cream was coming out so I went home thinking was this van a good buy A few days later I found out the barrel was freezing, the van had the wrong machine base so it was noisy too. one day when doing my round I was serving a regular customer as you do having a laugh with him he said there’s a ice cream van in front of you I just thought he was having a joke then a women came to the window holding something in a bag have no idea what it was to this day she started shouting at me saying this was her round even though she had not done it in 4 years I just say I’ve only been going where people ask me to go well she was not happy! so in the end she just asked me what my times where I told her and she said she would do them before me so I agreed she went around under cutting my prices and trying to bad mouth me so I just stuck to my times no matter what she did and it worked because I ended up with the regulars and she lost hers due to them not knowing whether she was coming out or not.

My Second Ice Cream Van

My Second Van is a 1989 genuine Cummings ice cream van fitted with a Carpigiani Singola Ice Cream Machine & a 8 lid scoop freezer and a chiller Modifications I have done on my Second Ice-Cream Van First off I fitted sweets shelves to the back off the van as it only had a corner rack fitted after hearing about how good slush puppy’s sell I thought id have a look in to fitting it to my van there r so many different ways of fighting them i.e. generators that work off the direct drive system  inverters  pure sine wave, modified. In the end after looking in to it I went for a 2500w sterling pure sine wave inverter with two batters that I charge up at night. This set up runs a twin slush machine Sells very well on the round. I then started on the ice cream machine as I started to get more bookings the machine was starting to struggle on busy days as I had a York compressor fitted after looking in to the best compressor for the job I decided to upgrade the compressor to a boc as in the trade its known to be the best so I can now keep up with the queue’s at busy events. then for the sign writing I wanted the van to stand out from the crowd so after looking at a lot off vans on the net I found some I liked like don’t be dippy like my whippy and on the back don’t skid on the kid thought that was better than the old watch out kids crossing so in the end I went for DONT BE DIPPY LICK A WHIPPY and on the back DON’T SKID ON A KID which the kids love taking their picture next too!

At First Ice Cream Trade Information Was Hard to Find

when I first started it was hard to find places to get parts from and any help about on the day to day running off a ice cream van. after looking over the net I found the ice cream alliance but after looking in to it I found out you would have to pay for joining. so I started looking on facebook for groups for ice cream men or women found none just groups for people who like their ice cream man or women so I then thought why not start one ? never done a facebook group before so I did not know where to start so first off I thought off a name hmm what would be a good name for ice cream man & women I thought mobilers as we r all mobile then thought Ice cream Mobilers The original one… I like that so went with that. then the hard part how to let ice cream man and women know about the group ? so I started the big search on facebook looking for ice cream man & women of any one in the trade it was hard though I did it in my spare time and we have now over 200 members growing strong every day. so now all the help and info is at my finger tips and with the help of Bernie we are now trying to get a forum up and going the link is on top off the page. if you are in the trade or just starting out please look out for us on facebook or on the forum

Events Hurley’s Ice Cream Vans Have Covered in Essex

Some of the work Hurley’s Ice Cream Van Hire has done in the past.
Sept 2011 we did a 30th birthday party in Colchester for 300 guests the theme was beach party so we turned up in Colchester chiming “oh I do like to be beside the seaside” the guest’s loved it they were all dressed in grass skirts that they had hired from local Colchester costume hire it was a great night for all every one had a 99 with a drinks umbrella in it what a great way to have a party. in the same month in Colchester we did a function for a local business in Colchester that had a opening night for there clothes shop and they wanted every one that came along to there opening in Colchester to have a free ice lolly which went down great with everyone on the night in Colchester. we also done a lot of children’s birthday parties in Colchester all year round. We have also done football tournaments in Colchester, Ipswich, Clacton, Walton on the Naze, Brightlingsea and St Osyths. We also attended a wedding in Colchester where we followed the limousine all the way to the Ipswich for the Wedding Reception where we served all the guests with slush and 99’s. We attended a come dine with me theme that a few families were doing between themselves just like the show on TV I meet the guy that booked me when I was having new tyres fitted to my van in Clacton-on-Sea we got talking about the come dine with me show and he was telling me that him and a few friends where getting together and doing there own come dine with me as they loved the show so much so he asked me to go to his house the following week as it was his turn to cook so we turned up on the night he asked in Clacton chiming Benny hill from the van they all loved it he even got in the van and had ago at pulling a few ice creams that was another great night in Clacton-on-Sea. we hope to do many more private functions and weddings in and around Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford and Clacton throughout the year. We have also done jobs in Layer de la Haye in Colchester, a gentleman called me that morning asking if I could be at his son’s birthday party in Colchester later on in the day. I drove up there with plenty off time but could not find the place so I was driving around for 10mins in Colchester till I it with 10 minutes to spare which was good as I had just done a party for someone else in worth in Colchester a hour before hand which was a child’s 1st birthday party all in all was a good day out in the van I also did a small job a week earlier in Colchester for a school the headmaster asked if I could do her a favour and serve all the kids and soft a 99 ice cream. so I went to Colchester and turned up at the school and drove into the playground playing my chimes all the kids and staff at the Colchester school were amazed at me turning up at the school what a great surprise for all the kids at the school on their last day a free 99. We have also done a job in Colchester for a care home the manager emailed us to ask if we would like to help them out as they wanted to give all the staff a treat for all their hard work they wanted to give them a surprise each day off the week so on a Tuesday we popped in to the care home and surprised all the care home staff and residents a ice cream off there liking every one had a smile on there face in Colchester that day. Recently we helped the owner of a new shop in Colchester make their opening day something special so on the morning of the opening we drove to Colchester in the van and played the chimes we pulled up as they got ready to cut the ribbon to open the store. the manager paid for all the staff and all the passers by and people waiting to see the new shop stopped for an ice cream was a very happy manager and the people of Colchester.

This year (2012) we have done a great little fete in Frinton on sea where these was a candy floss stand and there was face painting we had a great day even my little boy popped down to Frinton on sea to get a ice cream. we also got a call from Dave and Pauline from Harwich to be apart off there wedding day in Harwich where they had book a nice little pub along the sea front in Harwich and wanted us to pop along and serve all the guests a 99 with red and blue sauce at there wedding party in Harwich Dave even got in the van and pulled a few ice cream for the guests at there party in Harwich. we are also happy to be apart off the classic car show that was on in Colchester park there was some nice cars there and a few hot rods that I loved it was a great day out for all the family in Colchester. we also was apart off a engagement party in Walton on the Naze where everyone was dressed up as cowboys simon phoned up the night before cos he was meant to book all the entertainment for the engagement party in Walton on the Naze we turned up at 6 playing our chimes and all the cowboys and girls have a ice cream off there choice or a slush it went down very well in Walton on the Naze. we have also been apart of a wedding show in Brightlingsea where we had a stand and the van was in ribbons at the wedding show in Brightlingsea. we all so got a phone call from John in Walton on the Naze and he told me about a party he was having for his sons 16th birthday and that the ice cream van he had book had let him down and was not about to turn up at the place he had booked in Colchester for the day and I told time I was doing a dog show in Weeley in the morning and that I would be able to pop down to Colchester that night so he said OK so that night after the dog show I popped down and he was a sweet 16th birthday party he was having for his son and he had a jungle theme which was fun it looked amazing all the stops where pulled out for that party in Colchester. I got a phone call from my mate will also a ice cream man working in Clacton on sea he told me he had broken down in Clacton and that he was booked for a christening in Weeley where he had to turn up at the church have every one to that was there to get there photo taken at the church in Weeley and then go to the place the party is that was in Harwich so I said id do it only had 30mins to get ready and get to Weeley for the photos then to Harwich for the after party I got there in time told them that will had broken down in Clacton on sea and that I was going to cover for him and every one was happy and the party was great in Harwich. We all so popped along to a classic car show in tending where we needed two vans which was no problem as we can have up to 5 vans at any event so we all drove up from Clacton on sea but stopped off on the way at Colchester to get a bite to eat every one was taking photos in Colchester as all the vans where parked up together any way off we went to the classic car show in tending what a great day there was some amazing cars there that day in tending and there was even a meet afterwards at the BMW garages in Colchester where i went to after words. we all so did a few school fates one in Harwich all so did one in Lexden and a school leaving day there two a few weeks before which was good to get down to Lexden never been there before so i got a little lost and ended up in Colchester then I made it to Lexden just in time for the leaving party the school was doing all the kids had a free ice cream with sauce what a great little school in Lexden wish i went to a school like the one in Lexden where the school buys all the kids a ice cream. we also have a ice cream van working in Harwich at their fort at the top off the hill. we all so got asked to do a little write up for school paper in Walton on the naze they wanted to know about the life of a ice cream man and what we do every day so i went down to Walton on the naze to talk to them and they all so took some pics out side the swimming pool in Walton on the naze which was fun :). we all so was at the Harwich army event which was great as I loved looking at the tanks and everyone was dressed up in army gear in Harwich that day all so had some nice fish and chips along the sea front in Harwich after the show which was nice. we have all so been selling some great new sauce’s in and around Colchester, Clacton , and Harwich the mint and red bull sauce is going amazing every one in Harwich is after the red ball sauce and mint goes down well in Clacton. we are now using a new Ice Cream which is great every one that tries it loves it I started testing the mix out in Clacton selling it and asking for feedback from everyone that had a ice cream then we went to Harwich for a day testing it and we got some great feedback they said its like ice cream used to have in the 80’s we have all so tested the mix out in Clacton where yet again we had some amazing feedback and the kids at the foot ball match loved it they wanted to know when we’re next going to be down in our Ice cream van. we all so did a charity football match in Frinton on sea where all the guy where dressed as women what a laugh watching them guys play football in Frinton on sea dressed as women there was stalls there hot and cold drinks for everyone on the day it was great fun for all the family in Frinton on sea. So were driving to an event in Harwich when I notice I need petrol pull over to a station in Clacton on sea and there’s a massive queue. so I,m sitting waiting for the 4 cars in front to hurry up when I get a tap at the serving hatch and I get up to look I have a queue of people wanting ice cream, well we can’t refuse customers so I done everyone wanting ice cream there orders then set back to travelling to Harwich and completed the party we had booked everyone that day was so happy!

We hope to do many more private functions and weddings in and around Frinton on sea – Walton on the naze – Kirkby cross Little clacton – Jaywick – St. osyth – Thorpe-le-soken – Row heath – Brightlingsea – Elmstead Market – Little Bently – Little oakley – Thorrington – Alresford – Wivehoe – Parsons heath – Colchester – Great Horkesley – Boxted – Manningtree – Harwich – Finginghoe – Chemsford – Ipswich through out the year.